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Other Complaint Filing Options:


SNAP or TANF Fraud - call DSS Connect at 1-800-616-1309 (select option 5)


Medicaid Fraud - select: Medicaid Fraud or call 1-888-364-3224


Individual (fraud or wrongdoing committed by individuals who are not state government employees):

Attorney Misconduct - select: SC Judicial Department-Disciplinary Counsel

Child or Adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation - select: Department of Social Services or: Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

Child Support Fraud - call the DSS Child Support Division 803-898-9402

Driver or Vehicle License Fraud - call 803-896-9688

Elder Abuse - call the Lt. Governor's Office on Aging 803-734-9898

Identity Theft or a Scam - select: SC Department of Consumer Affairs-Identity Theft

Insurance Fraud - Unemployment - select: SC Department of Employment and Workforce

Insurance Fraud - Worker's Compensation - call 803-898-0451

Insurance Fraud - All Other Types - call the Attorney General's Insurance Fraud Hotline at 1-888-953-7283 or select: Insurance Fraud

Income Tax Fraud - Federal - select: IRS

Income Tax Fraud - South Carolina - select: SC Department of Revenue

Licensed Professionals (accountants, physicians, engineers, architects, counselors, etc.) - select: SC Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation 

Medicare Fraud - select: Medicare

Suspicious Activities - to report, call the SC Law Enforcement Division at 803-896-7133 or send an email to:


City or County Governments (local governments including police and sheriff's departments and school districts):

Contact the city council, county council, or the school district board of directors

Ethics Law Violations by public officials and employees - select: SC Ethics Commission


Private Businesses (for profit and non-profit organizations):

Banking Institution Complaints - select SC Commissioner of Banking

Child or Adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation in a private facility - select: Department of Social Services or: Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

Consumer Complaints - select: SC Department of Consumer Affairs or: Federal Trade Commission

Discrimination in employment - select: EEOC

Elder Abuse in a private facility - call the Lt. Governor's Office on Aging 803-734-9898

Environmental and Health (health care facility, food safety, chemical spills, pollution violations, etc.) select: SC Department of Health and Environmental Control

Financial Company Complaints (mortgages, payday loans, student loans, debt collection, etc.) - select: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

HIPAA Complaint - select: US Department of Health and Human Services

Identity Theft or a Scam - select: SC Department of Consumer Affairs-Identity Theft

Insurance Company Complaints - select: SC Department of Insurance

Mail Fraud schemes, vandalism, and mail theft - select: United States Postal Service Inspection Division

Non-profit Organization Irregularities - select: SC Secretary of State

Nursing Home and Health Care Facility Complaints - select: SC Department or Health and Environmental Control or call 803-545-4370

OSHA Complaints - select: South Carolina OSHA

Utilities, Public - select: SC Office of Regulatory Staff

Wage or Child Labor Complaints - select: SC Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation


Judicial Branch (state courts, judges, magistrates) - select: SC Judicial Department Commission on Judicial Conduct


State Legislature - select: SC Ethics Commission


Directly Report certain complaints to other state agencies:

Abuse or Mismanagement by a DSS Employee - call DSS Constituent Services at 803-898-7601 or email:

Inappropriate Actions by a DMV Employee - call 803-896-9688

Inappropriate Actions by a Public Safety Employee (state trooper, protective services, transport police, etc.) - select: SC Department of Public Safety

Crime Victim dissatisfied with services provided - select: SC Crime Victim's Ombudsman

Discrimination in employment, non-employment, or housing - select: SC Human Affairs Commission

State Government Services Complaints - select: Office of the State Ombudsman or call 803-734-5049   


General State Government Links:

State Elected Officials:

State Agency Audits and Other Reports:

State Budget and Financial Reports:

Transparency in Government:

State Procurement:


Laws and Regulations:

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