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Reports of Investigations, Reviews, and Audits:

The reports shown here are a representation of reports of investigations, reviews, and audits conducted by this office.


Review of Laurens County School District 55 Fiscal Practices for 2021 - 2024


Program Performance and Management Review: SC Commission on Higher Education Includes Agency Response

Review of Potential Financial Irregularities In the Clarendon County School District

SIG Review of LR5 Piney Woods Elementary School Construction Report


Inspector General's Investigation of Richland School District Two

Supplemental Review of the Greenwood County and Abbeville County First Steps Partnerships


Review of Denmark Technical College's Procurement Processes

Summary Results of the Review of a Complaint Regarding Mismanagement of the SC Elections Commission

Summary Results - Limited Scope Inquiry of the Use of Rural Teacher Recruiting Incentive Funds

Review of the Greenwood County and Abbeville County First Steps Partnerships

Review of the State Accident Fund: Conflict of Interest in a Procurement Matter

Review of the SCDOT On-Call Emergency Wrecker Service Contract and Allegations of Contract Fraud

Review of the Use of State Appropriations for the Parent - School Partnership Program by the South Carolina Autism Society


SIG Review - SC Housing Climate Survey Results

Review of the South Carolina Public Charter School District

Review of the Power Up 2019 Program - SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department

Review of Motor Carrier Road Use Fee Collections by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

SIG Review of the Teach for America - South Carolina Program

SIG Review of Transparency and Accountability in Earmark Funding and the Impact on Executive Branch Agencies - FYs 2019 & 2020


Study of Executive Branch State Agencies Freedom of Information Act Policies and Fee Schedules

Review of the Hiring Process of the Executive Director for The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

Review of the South Carolina C Program and Road Project Selection and Prioritization Processes

Review of the College of Charleston Freedom of Information Act Policy and Fee Schedule

Review of Military Tuition Assistance Program - Technical College of the Lowcountry

Review of the Use of State Funds for an Equine Therapy Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Pilot Program

Review of Constituent Concerns Regarding the S. C. Housing Finance and Development Authority

SCDOT Bridge Program Best Practices Study


Review of the South Carolina Conservation Bank's Accounting Practices and Grant Funding Procedures

Independent Review of Attendance and Truancy Recordkeeping at Four Public Charter Schools 

Limited Review of the John De La Howe School Operations and 2017 Feasibility Report

Investigation of Alleged Excessive Travel & Event Expenses by the Board of Trustees, University of South Carolina and Review of Management Controls of Related Foundations

Review of Vocational Rehabilitation Services at the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department

Supplemental Review and Financial Analysis of the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics and its Supporting Foundation


SIG Letter re Review of Earnings on Investment Deposits to General Fund by the State Treasurer's Office

SC Department of Transportation Structural Efficiencies Study 

Review of the SC Governor's School for Science and Math and the Organizational Relationship to its Supporting Foundation

SCDPS Processes Review

Allegations of Failure to Report a Criminal Misconduct Matter and the Relationship between the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department and ALLIED Opportunities, Inc.

Investigation of Alleged Excessive Travel & Event Expenses by the Board of Trustees, Clemson University

Review of Lander Foundation Oversight and Financial Management Issues


Investigation of Alleged Excessive Travel & Event Expenses by the Board of Trustees, MUSC

Review of Managing the Fraud Risk in the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Allegation of a Procurement Code Violation Related to a Term Contract Involving DOR and DHEC 

Letter re SCDHHS Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services 

Review of Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Allegations Involving SC Mentor, a Private Provider for DDSN

Review of Preventative Controls for Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in the DSS SNAP Program

Alleged Misconduct Involving the Ashley Madison Website

Review of Safety Threat and Event Reporting Process at the Department of Juvenile Justice  

Review of Program Integrity Operations At Six Managed Care Organizations Under Contract with the SCDHHS

Review of the Community Residential Care Facilities Program, DHEC

Memo re SIG Observations of the Executive Branch


Review of a $1.2 Million Rural Infrastructure Fund Grant in 2013 to Marion County

Lander Financial Analysis Report-Stevenson

SIG Memo re Performance Management System-September, 2015

Review of the Approval Process for Lynches River Contracting as a SCDOT Contractor

Final Letter to DHEC Director re Assessment of the Financial Assurance Requirements for Solid Waste Landfills 

SIG Letter re Contract Monitoring of Managed Care Organizations by SCDHHS

Review of Improper Application of HAP Payments by DDSN Service Providers 

Performance Review of the Commission for Minority Affairs

Funston Fiduciary Audit Report of PEBA-January, 2015

An Opportunity for Taxpayer Savings-Improved Accounts Receivable Practices

Review of Execution and Monitoring of Grants at Piedmont Community Action


Lander Financial Analysis Report 

Fraud Risk Assessment of SC Statewide Procurement System

Review of Suspicious Indicators at South Carolina State University Foundations 

Addressing Waste in South Carolina Government

SIG Presentation Notes re Opportunities to Improve the Executive Branch Code of Conduct 

Funston Fiduciary Audit Report of the Retirement System Investment Commission-April, 2014

Review of South Carolina State University 1890 Program 

Review of John De La Howe Schools FY2012-13 Annual Accountability Report to Assess Organizational Effectiveness 


Ethics Act Recommendations Letter to Senator Rankin-November, 2013 

Fraudulent Activity at a Non-Profit Organization Involving State Funds

Review of Contract and Grant Monitoring 

Review of SCDHHS Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM)

Review of Red Flag Indicators of Potential Wrongdoing At the Retirement System Investment Commission (RSIC)

South Carolina Lacks A Statewide Prescription Drug Abuse Strategy


State Government Information Security Initiative-Current Situation and A Way Forward-Interim Report


Fraud Program Reports:

FY2022-2023 Fraud Program Report

FY2021-2022 Fraud Program Report

FY2020-2021 Fraud Program Report

FY2019-2020 Fraud Program Report

FY2018-2019 Fraud Program Report

FY2017-2018 Fraud Program Report

FY 2016-2017 Fraud Program Report 

FY 2015-2016 Fraud Program Report 

FY 2014-2015 Fraud Program Report 

FY 2013-2014 Fraud Program Report


Annual Reports and Audits:

SIG FY2022-23 Annual Accountability Report

SIG FY2021-22 Annual Accountability Report

SIG FY2020-21 Annual Accountability Report

SIG FY2019-20 Annual Accountability Report

SIG FY2018-19 Annual Accountability Report

SIG FY2017-18 Annual Accountability Report 

SIG FY2016-17 Annual Accountability Report

SIG FY2015-16 Annual Accountability Report

SIG FY2014-15 Annual Accountability Report

SIG FY2013-14 Annual Accountability Report

SIG Annual Report FY2012-13

SIG State Auditor's Report - FY 2016-17

SIG State Auditor's Report - FY 2017-18

SIG State Auditor's Report - FY 2018-19

SIG State Auditor's Report - FY 2019-20

SIG State Auditor's Report - FY 2021-22

SIG State Auditor's Report - FY 2023 and FY 2024



Annual Reports of Public School and Interscholastic Sports Investigations:

Annual Report of Public School and Interscholastic Sports Investigations for Calendar Year 2023

Annual Report of Public School and Interscholastic Sports Investigations for Calendar Year 2022